Red lights, toll prices: these new features of Google Maps that could soon arrive on your apps

If you regularly use Google maps for your itineraries, it is quite possible that change is on the way. Google recently introduced several innovations for its mapping service.

The American giant Google intends to continue to innovate in the field of cartography, in particular to improve its “Maps” tool, competitor of Waze on this type of service.

To improve its application, Google therefore announced on April 6 the arrival of several new features. Among them, an estimate of the price of the tolls present on your route, indicates the specialized site A feature that should be deployed this month for the first countries to benefit from it, namely the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia.

New updates are coming to your map ud83dude0e See toll prices, traffic lights, and get around more easily on iOS.

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—Google Maps (@googlemaps) April 5, 2022

Red lights, stops and buildings

The functionality should nevertheless be extended to other countries in the coming months, Google announced. But the price of tolls is not the only novelty to emerge in terms of information that could soon complete your itinerary.

Indeed, the navigation mode could soon also be accompanied by indications on road signs. Thus in some cities, stop signs or red lights could be reported, said Google. The navigation tool could also indicate certain essential places such as historic buildings for example, which are on your route.

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