Repeat frog poacher, canard monger, dog walk gone wrong: 9 surprising court stories

Repeat frog poacher, canard monger, dog walk gone wrong: 9 surprising court stories

The frog poacher was not his first act.


This week, during court hearings in Wallonia, we talked about a frog lover, a man who consulted the mobile phones of female students during the gym, a breeder who did the caesareans himself or even a an art dealer who was above all the king of canards.

1.He had taken a picture of himself with the mobile phone he had stolen

The school handyman was watching the girls’ cellphone videos during their gym class.

The doldrums were discovered the day the man, not an expert in handling telephones, inadvertently took a picture of himself.

2.Two dog owners attack each other

They were walking their dogs and found themselves nose to nose on a country lane. And it didn’t go well.

4.A repeat frog poacher

The man is prosecuted for having poached frogs but also for having cut off their legs while the frogs were still alive. The prosecution considers him a “recidivist” and accuses him of identical acts committed in 2018.

5.His mother hospitalized, he subtracted €23,500 from his safe

While his mother is hospitalized and will have to enter a nursing home, he went to the bank and took €23,500 from his safe.

“It was very painful for Madame to see this withdrawal on the part of her only son”, comments the lawyer for the septuagenarian.

6.A “small” hit and run: the court acquits him

No agreement to draw up an amicable report, one of the two drivers went home. He is sued, even if he is not at fault.

But still

Gesves: Daniel Gilles’ arrest warrant will be challenged on appeal

The defense of Daniel Gilles believes that some irregularities surround the way in which the arrest warrant was issued. Appeal is lodged before the betting room.

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