Rescued dogs seek foster homes

Dogs rescued from a Korean breeder producing canine meat are now available for adoption, right here in Quebec.

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In all, 40 dogs out of the hundred saved from an atrocious end by the organization Humane Society International were transported to Quebec and are looking for a new adoptive family.

Many of these animals are currently being kept in a shelter in Vaudreuil, where staff are working hard to get them back on their feet.

This stay could last a few weeks, or even months, since in addition to examining and vaccinating these rescued dogs, they must be subjected to behavioral rehabilitation.

“Teaching them to live with us, to be manipulated, to accept the leash, to go outside with us, to follow us on steps” is part of this rehabilitation, explains Ewa Demianowicz, of the Humane Society International.

In particular because of the inhuman living conditions in which these animals lived, the people or families who choose to adopt them will have to show a certain empathy and a lot of patience.

“Adopting a dog like that, you have to leave space and time. You have to be very understanding of its history, you have to be very understanding of what this animal has been through and then really give it a chance to integrate, ”says Pierre Bourbonnais, general manager of the SPCA Roussillon.

This is exactly what the Perrotte family does, who decided to welcome Stella, a dog who quickly adjusted to her new reality.

“She quickly adapted to the house, to the change of habitat, with our dog, the family. Everyone appreciates her a lot and she is looking for a lot of attention, so she is there to give her some,” says Christian Perrotte.


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