From the slaughterhouse in China to the frantic and happy runs on the beaches of Northern Ireland… It is truly a resurrection that Henry experiences, a dog deprived of the use of his hind legs, but with energy and zest for life. crowded. His rescue and his chariot gave him wings.


Pictures posted on instagram and shows Henrya poodle with paralysis in its hind legs leading a happy life is particularly touching.

The dog is far from the dark fate it was promised in China before it was rescued by the association The survivors of the slaughterhouse (SHS) based in Harbinin the eastern part of the country. Henry previously lived in a crisis center in Shanghai and risked ending up in the slaughterhouse.

On one of the videos shared on the social network and passed on by Boing Boinghe can be seen running happily on the beach, several years after he arrived in Northern Ireland and was adopted by Sharon Warnock.

HAVE Belfast, Henry lives with a whole bunch of dogs, mostly poodles. They too come from shelters and have various disabilities. Together they overcome all the difficulties, give each other courage and take full advantage of this new existence offered to them.

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Popularity for the benefit of society

Henry, he hasn’t stopped frolicking since he got a custom-made trolley. Besides enjoying life to the fullest, he shares his resilience and good humor with the community. He thus participates in a number of events, between visits to schools to discuss disability and fundraising for charities in particular.

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The account instagram which is dedicated to him and followed by more than 10,000 subscribers also serves to raise public awareness of the issue of shelter dogs.