Rescued Little Pangolin Can’t Contain His Joy While Taking a Mud Bath

Pangolins are solitary animals that usually move at night, they are easy to recognize thanks to their body full of scales, they use to protect themselves from predators, they have a particular behavior: they roll when they are afraid, to play or to move.

Stevie, an adorable pangolin, is cared for by the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital (JWVH), after being rescued as a baby. It is usually busy searching its vast habitat for termites for food or taking a mud bath.

This skinned animal Scaly has made incredible progress, and every time he plays with whatever he can find, he shows his happiness.


Rescued pangolin enjoys bathing in mud

Sarah Kempen, a spokeswoman for the hospital, told The Dodo:

“He really likes to play with stones, branches and even tree trunks. It rolls around these and has even been known to descend small embankments and termite mounds. »

Stevie has a special story, as this Temminck pangolin was rescued from poachers in the South African city of Pretoria.

When rescuers found little Stevie, he was suffering from various illnesses and was underweight as he had been separated from his mother. Unfortunately, pangolins are highly sought after by poachersas their scales are used in traditional Asian medicine and their meat is highly prized.


Sarah added:

“As the most trafficked mammal in the world, their lives and ours are in danger. That’s why we have a clinic… away from our usual hospital grounds”.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Stevie’s health began to improve. Also, in a short time, he began to gain a lot of weight and energy. Stevie has also become a more confident pangolin and is now able to search for termites on his own.

When he arrived, his first food was a special formula, but when his health improved, he went out to look for termites and ants.

As Stevie did not have the company of a mother, the clinic staff trained him to cope with life in the wild. However, the one thing Stevie didn’t need help with was learning to take a mud bath, one of her favorite activities.


Sarah commented:

“As soon as he finds a puddle of water, he usually rolls in it. This seems to cool him down considerably, allowing him to feed longer and be more comfortable.”

Although pangolins usually perform these baths, Stevie showed particular affection for this activity and practice as soon as he can. There is no doubt that this adorable animal is making great strides. Also, his rescuers think he will soon be ready to return to the wild in a private reserve.

However, during the first few weeks, he will be watched so that it can adapt to its new environment and its new sources of food.

After adapting to the wild environmenthe will be fully released and will be able to walk in the open air, but he will always be supervised to ensure his safety.

Sarah also clarifies:

“Conservation specialists will also monitor his weight and progress to ensure he is happy and healthy. »

Thanks to Stevie’s brave rescuers, the little pangolin will be able to take more mud baths in peace.


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