rest in peace… with your pet


It is sometimes one of the last wishes of the deceased: to rest with their pet. The practice exists but it is illegal in France. Several deputies including Lot-et-Garonnais Michel Lauzana propose to authorize it, conditionally. A bill has just been tabled in the National Assembly.

For this couple from Lot-et-Garonne, the emotion due to the loss of their dog is important. She passed away last week. She had not left Jean-Pierre and Martine for 13 and a half years. They chose to bury him in their garden. “She accompanied us everywhere as soon as we traveled for more than two days”.

In Lot-et-Garonne, there is no cemetery for animals. What the groomer Hervé Puchal also regrets, who is in favor of the burial of animals with their master, also because “you don’t have just one animal in a lifetime”.

But for now the law forbids it. Hence this bill signed by 26 deputies. According to Michel Lauzzana, LREM MP for Lot-et-Garonne: it is necessary that the right wedge with the desiderata of the population. There are other countries where it exists and therefore, there was a real legal void and strong demands”.

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Rest in peace with your pet

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In France, there are about thirty (private) cemeteries for animals.

List of cemeteries for animals in France

On February 9, around thirty deputies tabled a bill for the urn of the pet to join its master in the grave. Published Thursday in the Official Journal, this bill is co-signed by 27 deputies from all sides and carried by Loïc Dombreval (LREM), president of the Animal Condition parliamentary study group.
In a country where one in two families owns at least one pet, this bill will allow any individual who expressly states this choice during his lifetime to have it stored alongside him in the municipal cemetery, in his coffin and before the put in a coffin, the cinerary urn of his animals – like any other object that it is already possible to store in the coffin.
The idea of ​​this little law was born from the sad story of an old lady in Gironde who wanted the urn of her animal to be present in her coffin and it was refused to her.“, said Loïc Dombreval.
Today in the law, for reasons of dignity, it is forbidden to rest with your pet and even less to have written the name of the animal on your tombstone.he explained, considering “unworthy of not respecting the last wishes of a deceased” Above all “when we know the attachment qthere can be between an elderly person and their pet”.

This is a bill which has little chance of being passed by the end of the legislature, but “I am convinced that this law can be passed one dayr,” he hopes.
The proposed law stipulates that the name of the animal will not be indicated on the tombstone so as not to “embarrassing the families of deceased neighbours”.

This text will also allow any individual who has chosen cremation to be able to have their ashes placed alongside those of their pets in an animal cemetery, a practice already legal in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Today you can deposit an object, the photo of your wife, a wedding ring in his coffin. I am modifying the law slightly because the relationship to the animal has completely exchange”, argues Mr. Dombreval. “This little law has great symbolic value. It is consistent with the relationship between humans and their pets“, he believes.

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