Rest of the World: one of Giuseppa’s dogs is in poor health?

On his Instagram account, Giuseppa (Rest of the World) wanted to express himself after the concerns of his fans about one of his dogs!

On social networks, Giuseppa (Rest of the World) never misses an opportunity to display his daily life. Fans are therefore attentive to his every move. Recently, they worried about one of his dogs.

Giuseppa fans ultra worried

It’s no secret: Giuseppa (Rest of the World) loves his animals. During a TV episode, she also had a lot of trouble accepting that she would not end her days with her two dogs.

Indeed, Giuseppa (Rest of the World) that in 15 or even 20 years, she still saw herself with her dogs. For his part, the young man demoralized his darling by explaining to her that their dogs would surely no longer be in this world.

Overwhelmed by emotions, the young woman could not hold back her tears. And for good reason, she loves her dogs. On social networks, she does not spend a day without giving their news to his fans.

But recently, they noticed that one of his dogs were absent from his Instagram account. To respond to the concerns of its subscribers, the beauty then took the floor.

In Story, Giuseppa (Rest of the World) said: “(…) I know that there are a lot of people who send me messages saying to me: ‘You film Brioche a lot. You don’t film much Biscotte’ and everything…”.

She then explained: “And actually, know one thing. It’s that there’s Brioche which is extremely sticky, always stuck to me. So that I can film a lot”.

Giuseppa (Rest of the World) gives news of his dog

Giuseppa (Rest of the World) continued: “And I have Biscotte who is very introverted. And who is all alone all the time. he who asks for kisses from time to time and hugs. Although it is rare”.

The Rest of the World contestant revealed: “So they’re both completely different.” So that’s why I film a lot more Brioche. Because Biscotte he tends to be more in his bubble, in his corner. So I leave him alone”.

News that reassured his fans. And for good reason, they were very worried about his little dog. They also hope to see them from Giuseppa.

A few days ago, the darling of Paga has also announced the new theme of his channel. Giuseppa (Rest of the World) revealed: “(…) I like to meet new people, I like to know people, new mentalities (…)”.

has followed : “And it’s true that, casually, since I’ve been on the networks, that I have subscribers, that I’ve been doing TV. So we close in on ourselves a little because everyone knows us (…)”.

The candidate from the Rest of the World then announced: “I want to be close to you. And suddenly I found something really cool. And I think that it may interest more than one.

Some are eager to learn more. It will still be necessary to show a little patience before she announces her future project!

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