Ritz had caused a lot of talk about him with his incredible story. This senior cat had been found by his owners who had not heard from him for 16 long years. A few months after his return he breathed his last.


We remember Ritz, this cat returned to his family after 16 years of wandering. The animal recently died in its sleep, reported washington post.

The old cat was found at the end of April 2022, when his owners no longer hoped to see him alive after his escape in 2006.

After his surprising return home, he lived with his original master’s mother-in-law, Jason McKenry. Caroline Clark discovered the cat’s lifeless body in his living room on the morning of Thursday, September 29. He left knowing he was loved and safe after a long period of wandering.

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16 years earlier, that is Ritz was 2 years old when he ran away from the apartment Jason McKenry on Bear, in the state of Delaware. The young man had been looking everywhere for him for months, but in vain.

He then married his girlfriend Liz. The couple moved to Annapolis in neighboring Maryland, had 2 children and adopted other cats.

Unexpected reunions

In 2020, Ritz had been picked up by a woman who called Emily Russell, who thought he was wandering. She fed and looked after empty “. That was the name she had given him. Recently, when she knew he was injured in his hind legs, she had taken him to a vet clinic. That’s when we found out he was chipped.

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When Liz and Jason McKenry were told about it, they found it hard to believe. The reunion was obviously full of emotion.

Ritz therefore lived the last 5 months of his existence with Caroline Clarkmother to Liz, and then often its owners again. They will forever keep him in their hearts.