Robert Lewandowski has warned Bayern Munich that he has chosen FC Barcelona!

The 2022 summer transfer window promises to be daunting. From Mbappé to Dybala via Pogba or Haaland, many stars are at risk of changing stables. And one of them has obviously already taken the plunge. This is Robert Lewandowski. According to information from the Polish media DVT Sportthe 33-year-old striker has decided to join FC Barcelona next season.

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While some thought he was using club interest to negotiate a better contract extension with Bayern Munich, he ultimately made the decision to leave the club he joined in 2014. According to DVT Sporthe informed the Bavarian management that he had chosen to join FC Barcelona.

Total agreement with Barça

Remember, however, that Lewandowki is not at the end of the contract, since he is bound until 2023. It will therefore be necessary to pay transfer compensation to Bayern, who had raised the stakes. The amount of €65 million was recently mentioned by the Spanish press. Does Barça have the means for such an operation? In any case, he seduced the Polish international, ready to leave the Bundesliga where he has been playing since the 2010-2011 season (with Borussia Dortmund then Bayern Munich). The agreement exists in any case on the future contract.

By choosing the blaugrana option, the top scorer in the Bundesliga also puts an end to the Erling Haaland track. The Catalan club indeed has many offensive options, and Lewandowski, if he joins Barça well, will find a former comrade from Borussia Dortmund in the person of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. With Depay, Fati, Ferran Torres and pending Dembélé’s decision, the Catalan club is building a hell of an offensive armada!

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