Royal and (almost) normal – How Queen Elizabeth II started the dorgi trend

Following an accident, Elizabeth II gave her letters of nobility to a bastard. A look back at the Queen’s contribution to the fame of the dorgi, a hybrid dog that she imposed on the cover of “Vanity Fair”.

Among dog lovers, some don’t mess with breed and pedigree. Strangely, it is to Queen Elizabeth II that we owe the posterity of a hybrid doggie, the dorgi, a funny mix from the dachshund (dachshund in English) and the corgi.

The love of the British monarch for the Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a long and short-legged Welsh dog, could not have escaped anyone. She raised more than thirty of them over fourteen generations and some even had the privilege of shooting with Daniel Craig for the opening clip of the London Olympics in 2012.

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Six years later, the death of Special Agent Willow marked the end of the line of descendants of Susan, Elizabeth’s first corgi, received as a gift on her 18th birthday. His Majesty was then left with hunting dogs (black Labradors and cocker spaniels, bred at the Sandringham kennel) and a few dorgis.

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The story of an accident

Not recognized by The Kennel Club, the cynological association of the United Kingdom, the Dorgi is a mongrel. Like most hybrid dogs, its origin is quite unclear. On the other hand, we know where those of the monarch come from: in the 1970s, the first royal dorgis were born from an accident, an adventure between Mr Pipkin, Princess Margaret’s dachshund, and Tiny, a corgi from the Queen. There was a litter of six puppies, which Elizabeth and her sister kept. This is how the House of Windsor gave its letters of nobility to a mixed blood.

The glory of the royal dorgi reached its peak in 2016 when two of them, Vulcan and Candy, made the cover of “Vanity Fair”. Immortalized by Annie Leibovitz, no less. Pose surrounded by her dogs for her 90th birthday was a personal request from Elizabeth II: in her eyes they are part of the family, (almost) in the same way as her husband or her children.

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What’s next after this ad

Puppies in the paws

In 2020, the death of the Dorgi Vulcan left the queen devastated. He only had old Candy left. When Prince Philip was hospitalized the following year, to boost royal morale, Prince Andrew and his daughters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York presented Elizabeth with two puppies: Muick, a corgi, and Fergus, a dorgi. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, the queen not only lost her husband Philip, but also her puppy Fergus. To replace the latter, the Queen has since welcomed Sandy, a small corgi.

Angela Kelly, the royal dresser, evokes in the new version of her biography the importance of these companions in the daily life of her boss. “They always put a smile on people’s faces. (…) I was afraid that they would drag at His Majesty’s feet, but in reality they turned out to be real gifts from heaven. Faithful, offering company, capacity, subject of conversation and even capital sympathy, racy or not, these little beasts have everything of the perfect royal ally.

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