Rudi Garcia is looking for a new club!

Very discreet since his departure from Olympique Lyonnais, Rudi Garcia, who did not see “the interest of occupying the field or putting oneself forward”was content until then with appearances at the microphone of Canal+ to comment on Champions League matches. The former coach of Les Gones was also last night in Manchester to comment on the clash between MU and Atlético de Madrid.

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But Rudi Garcia ended up breaking the silence to discuss his personal situation in an interview with the Figaro. Free of any contract, the French technician showed no bitterness, contrary to what happened when he charged Juninho just after his departure. Better, Garcia even ensures “that he would have stayed in Lyon” and that he has ” no regrets “ concerning its passage between the Rhône and the Saône.

Garcia almost coached MU

Appeased, the latter took the time to perk up and today, he is ready to put on the overalls. He could have done it when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked from Manchester United. Indeed, Garcia confirmed in this interview that he was really close to sitting on the bench at Old Trafford. “I had several proposals, in England, Spain and France, but the most advanced, and which really almost went to the end, was with Manchester United. » Finally preceded by Ralf Rangnick, Rudi Garcia does not accuse the blow for as much. Moreover, he sent a very clear message to potentially interested clubs: he wants to coach next season.

“I have a preference for England or Spain, but I don’t say no to Germany, France or Italy. Be careful, I don’t want to train only the big teams, but if I take one that is not scheduled for Europe, I prefer that it be in the off-season and not during competition, which has been proposed. (…) But today, I want to find a club next season, because after almost twelve months of stopping, it itches me. I have been taking English lessons by correspondence for months, because we always need to improve. You have to stay active. » The message got through!

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