Rueyres. Another sheep slaughtered by a stray dog

This type of regrettable incident, and recurrent in the town of Rueyres and neighboring towns, occurred again last weekend, on the night of Friday to Saturday, at a place called Lavayssière. A sheep was slaughtered during the night. It was a neighbor who, at dawn, seeing a lost sheep in a meadow, in the middle of a herd of cows, alerted the owner of the herd, Hervé Canet. He went to the scene, picked up the animal and put it back in the enclosure where it was grazing quietly with a few companions, on the edge of the Ouysse. Alas! an animal was missing: Hervé found it with its throat slit, lying in the stream.

Hervé Canet does not take off … “Given the bites, it can only be a stray dog,” says the breeder. The presence of the wolf in the area not being proven, it is necessary to face the facts. And to continue: “In October 2020, I already lost ten ewes, in the same circumstances, and 19 others were injured… It is still not complicated, for dog owners, to ensure that they are not – straying of their animals, night and day.”.

And since no animal was caught in the act, the owner of the sheep will not be compensated. Hervé Canet will not file a complaint, but the financial and moral damage remains…

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