Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat: Jean-Marie Maissonnier, a lawyer committed to the most vulnerable, has left us

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Jean-Marie Maissonnier, from Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat, involved in various associations, in particular with Emmaüs France, died at the age of 75.

Jean-Marie Maissonnier has just left us at the age of 75. For many people, he was a friend, a man considered and very appreciated. He had a great ability to listen, and also knew how to respond appropriately to the concerns of each other or discuss different subjects, always with simplicity.

Jean-Marie Maissonnier was a courageous and determined man. After giving up his old job, he began studying law and became a lawyer at the age of 40. This choice, he assumes it, because his vocation will be to defend different causes and help the most vulnerable. With Annick, his wife, they will operate the study, not counting the hours of work.

He also knew how to share moments of complicity, and exchanged with pleasure in Occitan. He was very cultured, and spoke many languages. To relax and satisfy his greatest pleasure which was gardening, it was a place where he liked to recharge his batteries and liked to plant vegetables and flowers. He had a beautiful garden near the water, where he spent good moments of tranquility, accompanied by his grandson Oriol.

He was also an activist involved in various associations, but for years, it was with Emmaus France that he made all these efforts, sharing his knowledge, supporting all the doctrine and values ​​of Fr. Rock.

We will all have good memories of Jean-Marie, of his integrity, his sympathy and all his generosity that he knew how to share. To Annik, Joan, Manu and Oriol, we offer our deepest condolences.

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