Salazie: His puppy shot dead in his yard

Difficult for Yannick to understand the reasons for this despicable act. Sunday morning, he discovers his puppy, 2 months old, shot dead in his yard. An atrocious act that he fails to understand.

The facts took place Saturday evening around 10 p.m. For some unknown reason, Yannick did not hear the shot, unlike his neighbors. In a way, he tells himself that it’s a good thing not to have heard since he would have gone out to see and the situation would have degenerated.

According to the gendarmes who came to see the facts, the author could be an acquaintance of Yannick since the other family dog ​​did not bark to signify the presence of a stranger.

Worried, Yannick announces that he is going to install surveillance cameras on his property. “I haven’t been able to sleep since”he assures.


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