Saone-et-Loire. The list of trappable animals renewed for a year

“Trapping restrictions due to sanitary measures were limited at the start of the crisis and the collection of evidence of captures organized last year is proof that the regulation of Species likely to cause damage (ESOD) has remained effective”, declared Jean-Paul Voisin, president of the Association of approved trappers of Saône-et-Loire (APASL) during the general assembly in Branges. The latter was essentially devoted to this list and the trapping conditions.

Jean-Paul Voisin congratulated the trappers for “their dedication to bringing forward evidence of proven damage to crops and in particular to poultry farmers and beekeepers*. It is only through this evidence and the damage estimates of each predator and pest that the Group 2 list could be defined and can be redefined again in 2023”.

Three groups

Indeed, the species classified as harmful causing different damage, they have…

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