Sarreinsming: he lived with 26 dogs in unsanitary conditions

Photo: Sarreguemines Gendarmerie

This Wednesday, April 13, 2022 in the morning, the Autonomous Territorial Brigade of Sarreguemines carried out an atypical operation in the town of Sarreinsming. A man lived with 26 dogs in totally unsanitary conditions. The animals were entrusted to the SPA.

This is not the first time that the gendarmerie has intervened for nuisance caused by the dogs who live in this house, but this time the intervention put an end to the ordeal of several dozen neighbors. Yesterday, nearly a dozen soldiers from the BTA Sarreguemines, the PSIG Sarreguemines as well as the Mobile Gendarmerie, intervened at the home of an individual visibly overwhelmed by the management of his too many dogs.

According to information from Commander Baptiste Moncarré, head of the Sarreguemines gendarmerie company, the gendarmes expected to have to extract around fifteen dogs from the private individual’s house. In reality, it was a pack of 26 dogs, mainly Jack Russel Terriers and Australian Shepherds, who were crowded together in extremely unsanitary conditions.

On the spot, the soldiers also discovered the presence of rats. Their proliferation seems to be due to the many food scraps lying on the floor all over the house.

The 26 dogs entrusted to the SPA

The PSIG canine team in Creutzwald captured the dogs with the help of members of the SPAs in Forbach and Sarreguemines. A veterinarian was also on hand during the operation.

The 26 dogs were then taken to shelters to the great relief of the fifty or so inhabitants who live nearby.

The owner of the dogs had to come and explain himself to the Sarreguemines gendarmerie. The case is now referred to the prosecution.

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