Scandal: the governorate and municipalities of greater Tunis resort to hunters to kill stray dogs

In a statement published on the social media page of the governorate of Tunis, Thursday, July 21, Kamel El-Fekih, Governor of Tunis, supervised a meeting at the seat of the governorate, in the presence of Abdel Majid Khalafallah, the secretary general of the governorate, Souad Abdel Rahim, the sheikha of Tunis, the mayors of La Goulette, Sidi Bou Said and Carthage, as well as the head of the regional division of the municipal police.

During the session, the phenomenon of stray dogs and the need to find solutions to deal with it were studied in order to ensure the safety of citizens and tourists and to preserve the aesthetics of the capital. And based on the correspondence of the Minister of the Interior addressed to the heads of the regional teams of the municipal police dated June 7, 2022, it was agreed to organize slaughter campaigns according to a program prepared by the regional division of the municipal police in coordination with the municipalities.

At the end of this “work” session, the municipalities will conclude contracts with hunters in order to kill stray dogs, something unprecedented in the history of municipalities. On the other hand, it was agreed that the municipalities would continue their efforts to provide shelter for stray dogs, sterilize them and vaccinate them.

It should be remembered that municipalities, including that of Tunis, periodically organize campaigns to kill stray dogs in what looks like barbaric scenes of carnage during which hundreds of dogs are hunted down and shot with total impunity to the detriment of all human, moral and public health principles.

Many people are outraged by this practice because the solution exists. The taxpayers’ money used to contract hunters to organize this carnage can be used to set up a sterilization campaign with the help of associations, veterinarians, and volunteers.

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