Schmoutzi, a rabbit weighing nearly 10 kilos was kidnapped

He was the pride of the Easter market in Colmar: Schmoutzi, a rabbit weighing almost 10 kilos was kidnapped. “It’s a giant Flanders rabbit that weighs 8.5 kilos and who is called Schmoutzi, which in Alsatian means little jewel. This mascot, this rabbit, was unfortunately stolen during the night from Friday to Saturday”, specifies the mayor of Colmar Éric Straumann.

Investigators are analyzing footage from CCTV cameras. “Different hypotheses are obviously possible. Today I do not know if it is a defender of the animal cause. Obviously it is a couple according to the videos, if they did it to protect animal, unfortunately they got the wrong targetthey really put him in danger”, specifies the chosen one.

Indeed, Schmoutzi is “a farm animal that needs human presence. If you keep it at home, if you don’t feed it properly, it has a very particular nutritional balance, unfortunately it will certainly succumb. after a few days and I hope that the authors of the fraudulent embezzlement will quickly return the animal. We are ready to withdraw the complaint if they make it alive” says Eric Straumann.

For the time being, the police investigation is progressing, they are on the trail of this couple, who was filmed committing this kidnapping of the Easter bunny.

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