School insurance: price, extracurricular… All you need to know

SCHOOL INSURANCE. In some cases, you will have to take out a school insurance contract for your child.

School insurance can be an essential element. Indeed, if it is optional for the activities already registered in the schedule of your child, it is obligatory in certain situations. In some cases, it may be mandatory, because it helps protect your child. As a reminder, it is optional in principle. Be careful, however, because it is mandatory in certain circumstances. This is the case for the optional activities organized by the school: outing to the museum, language stay, green class… The same is true when he has lunch in the canteen and if he does extracurricular activities after school, can we read on the website of the Ministry of National Education. Is it necessary to subscribe to a dedicated contract? Go to the next paragraph to learn more.

Have you consulted your home insurance contract beforehand? This makes it possible to avoid duplication. Your multi-risk home contract may contain a civil liability clause. Ditto for certain individual contracts: a life accident guarantee can be included. In this case your child is already protected.

If this is not the case, be aware that you can turn to many players to take out school insurance, insurance companies (Macif, MAE, etc.) or even a brand like Carrefour. You can also apply for school insurance by joining a parents’ association.

School insurance always includes two guarantees. Lhas bodily accident insurance will cover the damage that your child suffers, “including if he injures himself”, explains About the civil liability guarantee, she covers it when he is responsible for damage caused to others. Very concretely, school insurance protects the child in a very specific context: on the way to school and during compulsory school activities (listed in their timetable).

II it is possible to add additional guarantees to a school insurance, covering racketeering or cyberbullying for example. Extra-curricular insurance protects your child 24 hours a day at school, at home, but also during extra-curricular activities. Expect to see the price of your school insurance go up (read below).

It depends on the formula to which you subscribe. Prices start at eight euros for a classic school insurance. The price of school insurance is generally 10 euros per year and per child. This cost increases if you decide to supplement your contract with additional guarantees or if you opt for out-of-school insurance.

If you choose school insurance and out-of-school insurance, be aware that the prices are skyrocketing and can easily exceed 40 euros per child per year. Keep in mind that, as with all insurance, coverage limits are imposed (for optics or dental, for example).

To proceed with the cancellation of a school insurance, know that you will have to send a letter by registered mail to the insurer. Please note that termination cannot take place before the annual due date. The latter is included in your school insurance contract. So remember to read it carefully before sending your mail. A notice period may indeed be imposed on you to terminate school insurance.

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