Seasonal flu: the virus very active throughout France

By Cécile D., Elodie D., Laurent P. Published on March 23, 2022 at 8:14 p.m.

The epidemic started late, but it has spread well throughout mainland France: Santé Publique France warns the French against the flu.

The entire French metropolitan territory is in Red alert : the incidence rate of consultations for flu syndrome was at 203 per 100,000 inhabitants this week from March 14 to 20, 2022. The flu has spread throughout France and the sick are flocking to doctors’ surgeries and to the hospital.

This influenza epidemic started later than in previous years. Usually, the peak of the epidemic is rather observed in February, indicates Public Health France in his latest report.

The spread of the virus has been most likely favored by the end of winter school holidays and the easing of measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic “, Indicates the organization, which explains that the pandemic certainly has a role to play in this flu epidemic. Indeed, in 2020 and 2021, the Mandatory mask wearing and the confinements successive events have blocked the spread of these winter viruses. As a result, the population was less ill, and developed lessantibody against these viruses. The French are therefore more vulnerable this year to the flu.

Santé Publique France therefore recalls the importance of barrier gesturesand recommends wear a mask when you are sick, to limit contamination, especially among the most vulnerable people.

Indeed, the Covid-19 still circulating, too. An organism weakened by the flu is therefore less combative against the coronavirus, which always causes hundreds of dead every day.

In the current context, however, it is important to recall the value of barrier gestures to limit the spread of influenza viruses and protect people at risk, in particular the elderly. Vaccination and respect for barrier gestures remain the best ways to protect yourself from the flu “, concludes Public Health France.

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