Sébazac: Antoine and his dog Rush at the canicross world championships

Antoine Delagnes and his dog Rush competed in these championships for the first time.

This world championship was a dream. Wearing the jersey of the France team, running with my dog, Rush, I never would have imagined living such intense moments”, says the Sébazacois, Antoine Delagnes, on his return from his canicross world championship disputed the weekend. end last in Brittany.

“The two races we had to run were reduced in mileage because it was hot on the track and we had to protect the dogs. Also, we went from 6 km to 3.7 km. It almost became a sprint event. At the end of the first race on Saturday, I was not satisfied with myself because physically I was never up to the pace of the race. I was disappointed. Lucky that on Sunday everything went as I expected. We left that day in waves of five, whereas the day before we had individual departures staggered every 30 seconds. Rush liked to leave at five. I gave my competitors a bit of a lead over the first few meters then I attacked, overtook them and climbed up towards the wave of runners who had left before us. Rush was super easy. We had total pleasure. What an experience, what a strong moment that will remain a memory forever.”

Antoine and Rush will now wait until October for new competitions. “In the summer, because of the heat, there are no events.”

For a first year in this discipline, Antoine and Rush demonstrated with this 80th place out of 300 entries, a bright sporting future.

Where does canicross come from?

Canicross combines a runner and one or two dogs, linked together to perform the same physical effort. It originated from an original idea of ​​a veterinarian from Lyon at the end of the 1980s, Gilles Pernoud, who was inspired by the ski joëring practiced in the Nordic countries. It has gradually become a sport in its own right, with its competitions, its championships.

In France, canicross has some 3,000 licensees.

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