second-hand spare parts still too little used

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Auto insurers are increasingly encouraging their customers to use recycled parts to repair their damaged vehicle. Garages are also obliged to offer them to their customers. In reality, however, these second-hand materials remain difficult to find.

An alternative to parts that are becoming scarce

The cost of spare parts has jumped in 2021. Indeed, the shortage of semiconductors led to the fall in sales of new vehicles, and the scarcity of many parts. The monopoly of visible coins, which still prevails, further complicates the task.

In this context, we can hope for a renewed interest in used spare parts. But they still need to be easily accessible to motorists…

Offering recycled parts, an obligation for repairers

Little-known detail, car repairers have the obligation to offer recycled parts to their customers. Of course, the repairs must be safe and technically possible.

However, in reality, few garages offer this alternative in the event of car breakdown or breakage. The fault of a lack of accessibility of parts and too long delivery times.

According to Sécurité et Réparation Automobiles (SRA), in 2020, only 3% of spare parts paid for by insurers were recycled!

For Bruno Lacoste-Badie, Director of Expertise and Compensation Solutions for the Covéa group, “Recyclers must be encouraged to set up common platforms for making parts available to distributors to create very simple routes for repairers”.

Savings for insurers

Auto insurers are increasingly encouraging their customers to accept reused parts » in the event of a traffic accident or breakdown. This alternative has many virtues:

  • It speeds up repairs in this period of shortage of new spare parts;
  • It reduces the cost of repairsand therefore compensation;
  • It is more respectful for the environment.

So, on your next visit to the garage, do not hesitate to ask the repairer for aused solution!

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