Security camera captures dog ‘stealing’ stuffed animal from store

A particularly intelligent dog took advantage of the inattention of the saleswoman who was talking to another woman, to leave with her loot in her mouth. But his plan didn’t work out perfectly, as it was filmed on YouTube.

Animals are the main protagonists of thousands of videos posted on social networks. This time, it’s a little dog who stole the show on the YouTube platform by entering a clothing and toy store to grab a stuffed animal without anyone noticing.

Security camera records dog ‘stealing’ stuffed animal

store security cameras recorded the exact moment the little dog walked into the shop while the saleswoman was talking to another woman and a little girl was playing nearby.

As if he knew which stuffed animal he was going to steal, the animal entered and headed straight for the shelf where the toy he needed was. Once the product between the teeth, he turned around and came out quietly without let no one notice his playfulness.

The dog known in the neighborhood as Thor flew for the first time on March 26. The shop owner spotted she had been robbed when a woman walking near the store found the stuffed animal on the sidewalk. When notified, the sales clerk recognized the merchandise and immediately checked the security camera.

In the images, she discovered that the “delinquent” was the dog who entered the shop to take his ” booty“. The animal tried to fly a second time, but was caught by the young woman who already knew the animal’s intentions.

The clip of the thieving dog brought a smile to thousands of netizens, as many recognized the dog’s ingenuity in putting his plans into action.

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