Seine et Marne. He gets hit while trying to defend a dog threatened with a cutter

The police arrested the perpetrator of the violence in Savigny-le-Temple (©Illustration)

Monday, May 16, around 8:25 p.m., the national police were called in front of the Coccinelle store in Savigny-le-Temple (Seine-et-Marne) where a young man injured in the head was taken care of by firefighters.

The 22-year-old victim had just been beaten punches by an individual who wanted to kill a dog with a cutter, for some unknown reason. It was by wanting to defend the animal that the aggressor turned against him.


The 43-year-old perpetrator of the violence was arrested in town. Residing in Savigny-le-Temple and already known to the police, he was placed in jail. This had to be interrupted because the mis en cause, alcoholic, made a epileptic crisis. He was taken to the hospital.

In the end, he will be judged in appearance on prior admission of guilt.

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