Seine-et-Marne: injured, hungry, this abused dog was taken away from his masters

This abused dog presented an edema on the skull and limped during the visit carried out by the police in Montévrain in Seine-et-Marne on Thursday April 14, 2022 with the Ani’Meaux association, at the origin of the complaint. (©DR)

Thursday April 14, 2022, police officers from the Lagny/Chessy agglomeration police station intervened to seize a dog in Montévrain, in Seine-et-Marne. Alerted by a complaint for an act of cruelty, filed by the Ani’Meaux association, they found Shadow, an 11-month-old American Staff, locked in a cage.

Shadow is now in the hands of the association. With the agreement of the Meaux Public Prosecutor’s Office, the animal was removed from its ownerswhose explanations did not convince the officers.

Shadow was locked in a cellar the day of the visit.
Shadow was locked in a cellar the day of the visit. (©DR)

Given Shadow’s condition, the abuse was blatant for the association. Starving, heavy 15 kg instead of 25 kg for a Staff of his age, the dog presented the day of the seizure with a substantial bump on the top of the skull.

The association files a complaint for acts of cruelty to an animal

He has since been taken to a veterinarian, who has certified injuries. Jérôme Cordier, legal manager of the Ani’Meaux association, explains:

On the level of the head there are bone fragments under the hematoma and on the level of the leg, from the patella to the top, it is fractured. Today he walks with difficulty, we are waiting to know if he will be able to recover it.

If the association intervenes almost daily, this case appeals to them :

Given the size of the claws and according to the testimonies, it did not come out. He lived on a balcony, in an apartment, and in a cage. He was not fed enough and suffered regular beatings.

Jerome Cordier

Placed on the cage, hidden under a sheet, a baseball bat and an broken crutch were also seized by investigators.

Shadow also had edema noted by a veterinarian.
Shadow also had edema noted by a veterinarian. (©DR)

Shadow is looking for a family

Owners will soon be summoned and heard in the context of the complaint, once all the studies carried out by the veterinarian to qualify the facts.

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In the meantime, Shadow is recovering and the association is now looking for a host family where he can stay for the duration of the procedure.

“He gets along with dogs, cats, chickens and children of all ages. Dog love! », assures Ani’Meaux.

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