sentences of 3 to 24 years in prison required by the Advocate General

The trial of the violent assault of a mother and her daughter in their house in Bonifacio, in September 2018, opened on Monday May 9 at the assizes of Corse-du-Sud. The requisitions of the advocate general, eagerly awaited, fell on Friday: the release for an individual, and seven sentences ranging from 3 to 24 years in prison.

The case had sparked a wave of indignation in Corsica. The trial for the violent assault of two women in September 2018 opened on Monday May 9 at the Assize Court of Corse-du-Sud.

A trial that marks by its duration – more than two weeks – as by the number of people seated in the dock, eight: Vasile Zavoianu, Anghel Rostas, Ghoerghe Rezmives, Stefan Bechian, Dorina Matei, Gabriel Elekes, Vasile Selembe and Filippo Pisanu.

After several days devoted to the statement of the facts, to the testimonies of the victims, the hearing of the accused, the investigators, and the reading of the investigations of personalities, this Friday, May 20 was the time of the requisitions by the general counsel, Geoffrey Makan.

Methodical, categorical, the representative of the public prosecutor did not spare his words to convince, evoking the fear of “barbary pirates“who would come to our shores”plunder our villages and violate, or attempt to violate“. A strong image and substantial penalties, ranging from 3 to 24 years.

The release for Filippo Pisanu, for which the evidence of his involvement is held. 3 years against Vasile Selembe, 13 years against Gabriel Elekes, 14 years against Dorina Matei, 15 years against Stefan Bechian, 18 years against Gheorghe Rezmives, 22 years against Anghel Rostas – accused of extortion and attempted murder – and 24 years against Vasile Zavoianu, the most seriously implicated, who is appearing on charges of extortion, attempted rape and complicity in attempted murder.

I feel like I’m going back to an old regime, an old justice

Me Pierre-Laurent Audisio

Requisitions too harsh for the defense: “I feel like I’m going back to an old regime, an old justice, and I must admit that it gives me chillsblows Me Pierre-Laurent Audisio. I consider that we are setting an example, and that it is not the ideal of justice that we can have. We will still have to make it understood, modestly, on the side of the defense lawyers at court, that we cannot judge a case in Corsica in this way and in another place in France in a much lighter way.

A point of view that the defense lawyers will have the task of defending on Monday and Tuesday, days during which they will be called upon to succeed each other at the bar before the judgment.

As a reminder, on September 16, 2018, three people broke into the home of a family residing in Bonifacio around 1 p.m. Then present inside the house, a mother and her daughter are violently attacked, and threatened, in particular, with a weapon which will turn out to be fake. According to the statements of several defendants, the individuals thought they would find “two to three million euros in cash“.

The attackers finally leave with several thousand euros and valuables, and the victims manage to reach the emergency services at 2 p.m. The two women, in a state of shock, are taken care of by the emergency services. The 61-year-old mother suffered from serious wounds in her leg. Her daughter, 23, reported an attempted rape.

The first arrests in this case occurred in December 2018. Summonses that ended in indictments and detentions.

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