Separated from her dog for 6 months, she has a surprise for him when she returns (video)

After traveling abroad, a young woman returned after 6 months to find her beloved dog. She surprised him by pretending to be someone else in the park. However, the dog’s flair enabled him to recognize it very quickly. All they had to do was give their joy freely.


To Valeria Navarrohis dog harley is the dearest creature in the world. However, the young woman and the German Shepherd/Belgian Shepherd-Malinois cross were separated for several months before a grand reunion. A story told by The Dodo.

Valeria Navarro had adopted the lizard 6 years earlier. Between the 2 beings it was literally love at first sight. ” He is the love of my life. We have a very strong connection. He really is the thing I love most in the world “, she says.

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Valeria Navarro / The Dodo

They couldn’t do without each other, but they had to go through a hard separation. The mistress of harley had gone abroad to work, with the intention of bringing her 4-legged friend with her afterwards. In the meantime, the family is at Valeria Navarro took care of him.

The experiment was inconclusive for Valeria Navarro, who finally returned home 6 months later. She was eager to find harleybut decided to surprise him.

“My Heart Exploded”

She sat on a bench in the park and hid her face under a hood, waiting for the arrival of harley. The latter was brought by a family member. Although his owner was from behind, hiding his appearance, he quickly spotted her thanks to his flair.

Both then let their joy explode during these moving reunions. Here is the video:

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He recognized me. I’m so happy. My heart explodedshe says. We are like kindred spirits. When we are together, we both feel better. »


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