series of wild animal attacks at 1001 horns park

“We can’t take it anymore” loose Clémence Favre, owner with her husband of the park of 1001 horns in Charmes-sur-l’Herbasse. This Tuesday morning, the discovery of too much is the disappearance of two peacocks which, given what remains of feathers, were carried away by a fox. Since the episode of snow this spring, the attacks have multiplied: poultry and lambs taken away by a fox, chicks killed by one or more crows which have even attacked a lamb by piercing its eyes.

This situation puzzles Clémence Favre “Beasts killed by wildlife, it happens of course but never so many and we’ve been open for 22 years. However, it’s well parked, everything is fenced. Are there more animals wild in the area because with the Covid there has been less hunting? We have no explanation”. The couple asked local hunters to come and help them. “Our animals, we love them, we save rare and endangered species. It’s difficult to live with” concludes Clémence Favre.

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