Sextape case: Karim Benzema’s lawyer takes stock

Scorer in Real Madrid’s big victory against Shakhtar Donetsk, Karim Benzema continues his good year 2021 and is preparing to end his campaign for the next Ballon d’Or with a last match before the closing of the votes: the Clasico against the FC Barcelona. This Sunday, Real Madrid face their historic rival and there is no doubt that the French striker will want to shine during this meeting at the top of La Liga.

Sextape affair: Valbuena was “afraid for his career in Blues”

However, aside from the sporting side, Karim Benzema must also manage the well-known case of the sextape whose judgment resumed this Wednesday at the Versailles court. The French international was not present on site and for good reason, he played a Champions League match in the middle of the week and is preparing for the weekend’s Clasico. At the microphone of RMC and BFM TV, Me Antoine Vey, Karim Benzema’s lawyer, gave an update on his client’s situation, confirming that he is following the trial from a distance.

“He is at his club, in Madrid, he is preparing for the most important match of the season against Barcelona (Sunday, editor’s note). He asserted, as any litigant can do, a professional reason which prevented him from coming before this court. He could have asked for a postponement of the hearing, he did not do so, and the court considered that it was not necessary. (…) I would remind you that Karim Benzema, in this case which already started six years ago, asked four times to be confronted with Mr. Valbuena, which the investigating judge always refused, saying that it was useless because we were in opposition of two feelings ” , indicated Antoine Vey.

It all starts with the “feeling” of Matthieu Valbuena


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“He therefore appointed us to represent him. I can tell you that he is following this trial, that he is not uninterested in it. It is a very important trial for him, which has done him a lot of harm. He follows, he is represented, and we still have two days of hearing to make the court understand that no, Mr. Benzema was not an accomplice to blackmail“, added the lawyer of the Real Madrid striker.

Karim Benzema, an unexpected transfer destination

The French international’s lawyer believes that there is “not much” against his client: “Karim Benzema’s version is simple: a friend tells him he can fix Mr. Valbuena’s problem, with Mr. Valbuena falling victim to the possibility of a sextape being released. Mr. Benzema goes to see Mr. Valbuena in a room in Clairefontaine, telling him that if he wishes – and it is not a question of money or pressure – he knows someone who can, perhaps, solve this problem. . He tells her he can give her his number. Mr. Valbuena says no, and that’s it. There is no other conversation, no other problem.”

“What we are talking about is Mr. Valbuena’s feelings after this conversation. However, his feelings changed a lot when he understood that Mr. Benzema was himself upset, because he thought that Mr. Valbuena had put his name out in the There was a dispute between the two men, subsequent to this conversation, and we believe that this could have seriously affected the feelings of Mr. Valbuena who, otherwise, could have informed the police as early as October 6, 2015. He did not do it”concluded Me Antoine Vey.


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