Excitement or Scarcity?

Many medicines are available in multiple packaging: box of 8 or 16 tablets, liquid version, etc. This multiplies the alternatives, like the generic ones, reminiscent of “Les Echos”. The tension also sometimes concerns a drug related to bobology. But some very important references lack alternatives. This is especially the case for drugs against cancer and diabetes. In his interview with “Échos”, David Syr from GIE Gers confirms: “Currently, supply interruptions do not affect any medicine for more than half of its references”.

What substances are they?

However, the list of medicines of essential therapeutic interest – that is, could endanger a person’s vital prognosis in the event of interruption of treatment – is currently subject to supply difficulties and for which there are no or insufficient therapeutic alternatives available in the French market is long, according to the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM). These include paracetamol, amoxicillin, augmentin, ventolin… Some references relate to “antidiabetics, statins for cholesterol, treatments for erectile dysfunction or even a drug for gastric reflux”, lists David Syr with “Ekkoerne”.

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Medicines: must the expiry dates be strictly observed?

Medicines: must the expiry dates be strictly observed?

An opened box of Doliprane, an unfinished cough syrup or even too many antihistamines… It is very common to keep medicine after the expiry date. The Ministry of Health does not recommend using them because “the storage conditions have only been investigated for a period corresponding to this date”. If you do take them, what are the risks? “Effectiveness is no longer guaranteed, and some molecules can even become dangerous”, the ministry clarifies. Which recommends “bringing them back to your chemist. The Cyclamed network will arrange for them to be recovered and incinerated”.

What are the reasons?

Interviewed by “20minutes”, Thomas Borel, scientific director at Pharmaceutical Companies, talks about Ukraine and the impact on the increase in energy and transport. “The price of inputs, that is aluminum, cardboard and glass, has taken 25%”, he told the media, stressing that these materials are essential for packaging medicine. . “Acquisition times are also longer, by 25% on average,” he continues.

The supply of raw materials is also in tension and “the countries that pay the most expensive active ingredient go first”, adds Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France, with “20 minutes”. “Our country does not transfer all these increases to the selling prices of medicines, as there is no free price”, assures Thomas Borel for his part. In France, the price is strictly controlled by the state, and some laboratories sell at a loss, the daily reports. There is also an increase in global demand, especially for antidiabetic drugs, associated with junk food, explains the newspaper “Les Échos”, citing the International Diabetes Federation.