She abandons her puppy in an airport bathroom with a heartbreaking note

“She didn’t want to leave me, but she had NO other choice”

About five years ago, a three-month-old puppy was found abandoned in a Las Vegas airport bathroom. Next to the puppy, a small note was found, explaining the reasons for this abandonment which is far from being a real choice.

A heartbreaking note

This is what we could read on the little note:

“Hi: I’m Chewy! My landlady was in an abusive relationship and couldn’t afford to take me with her. She really didn’t want to leave me and loved me with all her heart. But she had no other choice.

My ex-boyfriend kicked my dog ​​when we were fighting and he has a big bump on his head. He probably needs a vet. I really like Chewy – love him and take care of him. »

A wildly successful dog

Chewy was found by a traveler shortly after his owner was forced to flee. The little puppy was transported to a shelter where he is now safe. Chewy’s story is so moving that hundreds of people have come forward to give her a new home and lots of love. So much so that the shelter had to halt adoption requests for the Chihuahua, while encouraging anyone who wanted to give him a chance to give one to another dog at the shelter.

A sad story with a happy ending for Chewy. If it is not known what has become of Chewy’s mistress, it is important that all victims of domestic violence know that if they have to flee and cannot take care of their animal, they can always count on the shelters for help them.

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