She finds an abandoned dog on her lawn with a heartbreaking note

She finds an abandoned dog on her lawn with a heartbreaking note

Several years ago, a dog named Reese was abandoned in a garden in Georgia. Fortunately, the woman who lived there saw the poor doggie and agreed to take him home while she found a solution.

A heartbreaking word

It is while going to retrieve little Reese that the woman discovers that there is also a note. On this word, the former mistress of Reese presents the dog and indicates that she is 13 years old. She also gives some information about her food preferences and her behavior before explaining that she can no longer take care of it, even if it saddens her.

“If you come across my dog, take care of her. I love him so much, but I don’t have time for him anymore. I didn’t want to do this, but I have 4 children…”

In an effort to find a new family for Reese, the woman who saved his life posted a message on Facebook and a shelter responded.

“When we heard this story, we weren’t very happy,” explained one of the members of the Royal Animal Refuge. “At the same time, we thought maybe Reese’s mistress didn’t know what else to do. Some shelters do not accept drop-outs. »

A new life for Reese

facebook abandoned dog

After a few phone calls, the shelter offered one of its volunteers to keep Reese in foster care until she found her family. This is how the dog got to know Robyn Klein, and especially her mom!

Because as soon as Robyn Klein’s mother laid her eyes on Reese, she completely melted and decided to adopt the little ball of fur.

Now Reese has a new family and no longer has to worry about his future. A story that ends well!

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