She hears what she thinks is the cry of a bird, but discovers an unhealthy kitten in her garden


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Left to his own devices and terrified, an orphan kitten was discovered in a garden with a person alerted by his incessant crying. An association took care of him and helped him grow up in the best conditions.

For a kitten deprived of its mother, the chances of survival are extremely slim. This is precisely what happened Harveybut he was picked up in time, as the story goes lovemeow.

Sarah Kelly is the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescuean association based in Greensboro in North Carolina (Eastern United States). In mid-October, she learned that a very young orphan kitten had just been discovered with a resident. The latter had heard, in the middle of the night, what she believed to be a bird in distress. Going to look in her garden, she realized that it was in fact a small cat that kept meowing.

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The young feline was completely alone. Despite the searches, his mother remained untraceable. Sarah Kelly welcomed him into her home the next morning. She called him Harvey. With the help of volunteers, she cleaned and treated her eyes, which were so infected the kitten couldn’t open them. 24 hours later, he could see again without difficulty.

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue/Instagram

Sarah Kelly placed him in an incubator to help him maintain his body temperature. As the days go by, Harvey began to reveal his endearing personality and remarkable determination.

Once-distressed kitten is now healthy and happy

The kitten grew up and was able to leave the incubator to discover the corner that the volunteer had specially fitted out for her, with a comfortable basket and unlimited toys.

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue/Instagram

Harvey was also able to get to know the other little cats she takes in and quickly made friends.

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue/Instagram

A loving family has already been found for Harvey. He will soon be ready to join her to start a new stage in his young life, which had started so badly. Thanks to the person who had discovered it at home and to Murphy’s Law Animal Rescueits future looks bright.

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Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue/Instagram

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