she is now aiming for a world record

Nala never stops being talked about. This cat taken in by a Scottish adventurer and cyclist has become a star on social networks. She even inspired a children’s book and was able to achieve a world record.


We talked to you 2 years ago about Nala, this stray tabby cat who was picked up by a globetrotter on a bicycle and followed him on his trip around the world. Today, she is still just as thirsty for discoveries, and her fame has only increased since the media coverage of her story, reports Daily mail.

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From his native Scotland, Dean Nicholson had launched a completely crazy challenge; travel around the world by bicycle. While cycling on a mountainous road in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he had found a young cat, alone and lost. They haven’t left each other since.

Dean Nicholson continued his journey with Nala at the side, secured with a harness and sitting comfortably in the basket of her bicycle, which she left on her shoulder from time to time.

Record in sight and children’s book

The cat’s adventure is now followed by a million subscribers instagram. The cat even holds a world record in binoculars, that of most countries visited by a cat, which is 30. Nala has crossed 29 to date, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Slovakia and Turkey.

Dean Nicholson saying it Nala have” changed his life and greatly helped him to move forward, at a time in his life when he was faced with so many uncertainties. The duo connects the projects. He launched a calendar and multiplied the interviews.

Dean Nicholson is also preparing to publish a children’s book, the heroine of which is, of course, his 4-legged friend. The book is titled ” Nala’s world “.

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