She leaves her Ragdoll alone at home and launches her camera: she is heartbroken when she sees the video – Videos

Watching the footage, she was heartbroken.

If dogs and cats tend to welcome the confinement imposed on their masters because they can take advantage of them more, this video proves that even a short hour of absence affects some.
The mistress in question, Ida Myrin, also titled it: “I left my cat alone with a camera for 30 minutes and now I will never be able to leave again”.

Isola, a cat ragdoll, is 3 years old and has lived here since she was 3 months old. She is very playful and loving despite a tendency to laziness confides her mistress: “She is a little spoiled and lazy, but also affectionate. She always demands our attention”.

A heartbreaking video

The video, taken with a hidden camera, shows her pussy alone in the empty apartment for less than an hour… and it will break your heart. We see Isola coming out of the kitchen with a leash between her teeth. Obviously looking for its owner in vain, it begins to meow in a very sad way. After a while, she lets go of the leash and roams every corner of the apartment hoping to see her. Annoyed, she grabbed the leash again and her meowing redoubled her heartbreak: “She’s always been very attached to us, but lately, she’s getting used to always having someone around us,” explains Ida.

Left my cat alone with a camera for 30 minutes and now I can never leave again from r/aww

A snubbed return

The moment she saw the footage, Ida started laughing at seeing her feline wandering off on her leash, then it tore her heart out. As for the cat, one would have thought that he would have jumped for joy on his mistress on his return, but not at all. He simply snubbed Ida. “He didn’t even come over to say hello (like he ALWAYS ALWAYS does), but he went straight to the other cat to smell it.”

Never alone again

If after confinement, Ida will find her way back to work, her cat will, fortunately, never be alone again! Indeed, as Ida explains, that day she had to take her other cat to the vet at the time of the filming of the video. Hence the fact that Isola was left alone.

An exceptional situation therefore and the two felines, very accomplices, can once again purr together in the house, and still enjoy having their mistress by their side full time for a while.

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