She presents her baby to her cats and remains shocked, nothing went as planned (video)

Animals are always very unpredictable. A young mother, Brigette has also learned the hard way. Once back home after giving birth, she introduced her baby to her three cats. Their reaction surprised her.

An arrival that turns everything upside down

Very active on social networks, Brigette does not hesitate to share her daily life with her three cats. She rescued two from a pet store. And picked up the third on the street.

Since she shares her life with her three cats, Brigette revealed her life on TikTok. She has created an account on which she reveals her little adventures with her animals. One thing is certain, she is totally gaga of these.

And the least we can say is that it brings them a good life. And everything they need. But the three cats were certainly not expecting their mistress to bring a new human home.

Indeed, when Brigette has brought her baby home from the maternity ward, she faced a totally unexpected reaction from her three cats. In any case, this is what she confided on her social networks.

A few weeks ago, she shared a new video on TikTok of her cats meeting her baby. While the young woman expected to see them happy, it was quite the opposite that took place.

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Brigette surprised by the reaction of her cats

At first, Brigette decided to put the car seat on the ground. Thus, she allowed her three cats to meet her baby. To his surprise, these last were totally petrified.

Two cats of the young mother decided to take their courage in both hands and approach the baby. But fans noticed that one of them, totally in shock, preferred to flee when he saw the child.

The second, more courageous, decided to stay near the car seat. On the other hand, he also looked petrified but quite intrigued by the arrival of this little human in his hand. The 3rd, meanwhile, preferred to keep his distance. But like the other two, he looked very attentive to this arrival.

The reaction of her cats surprised Brigette. And for good reason, the latter would never have thought that such a harmless little being would have had such an effect with her cats.

Brigette’s Tiktok video has also allowed her to collect millions of views. Fans totally fell in love with her cats’ reaction to the arrival of her child. Some wanted to know more.

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A beautiful friendship that is created

Several Internet users have asked Brigette how the relationship between the cats and the baby has been going since she came to the family home. The young woman then gave several information on the subject.

On her Tiktok account, Brigette showed her subscribers that everything was going well between her cats and her baby. She unveiled a video on which her child is lying on the ground. At his side one of his animals watch quietly that the child is safe.

An adorable video that also made a real buzz on the social network. With her video, Brigette has also shown her subscribers how to make presentations between cats and a newborn.

In a 1st time, it is necessary that the presentations are made in a calm place. Subsequently, it must also be ensured that cats can run away if they don’t feel comfortable with the situation!

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