She saves a kitten stuck in a tree and offers her shelter. He conquers the heart of her husband, who was reluctant!

Some humans and animals are made for each other. After rescuing a kitten, Ashley Pennington temporarily took him into her home. Her husband, who did not want other animals, was moved by this adorable fur ball.

It all started with a simple walk. Ashley Pennington was wandering around her neighborhood with her dog, when she heard a small meow. After searching for a few minutes, she managed to find the source: a kitten was stuck in a tree near her house. Neither one nor two, she took out a ladder and went to retrieve it.

© Ashley Pennington

Once back on solid ground, the furry ball rubbed against her heroine’s legs and followed her into her garden. The animal even rushed inside the home when he saw the door open! “ My husband was sleeping and I knew he wouldn’t want another petsaid Ashley to lovemeow, so i took to facebook and scoured the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing. »

That day, the feline with the red coat settled on the knees of its savior and never let go.

© Ashley Pennington

The whole family got attached to the cat

My husband finally woke up and I said, “We have a problem” “, added Ashley. The latter led her husband to the survivor. The man suggested that she contact the local animal shelter.

© Ashley Pennington

20 minutes passed and I saw my husband playing outside with the cathas explained Ashley, “I’ll call you Kevin,” he said. The kitten had literally won her heart.

© Ashley Pennington

The next day I called the shelter to give them a description of the cat and asked them to call me if anyone had lost it. No one claimed it “, told Ashley. Kevin has therefore officially become a permanent member of the family.

© Ashley Pennington

In addition to melting the hearts of the couple who rescued him, the cat befriended Otis, his new canine brother. After wandering the streets for the first few months of its existence, Kevin now lives a dream life in a loving home. A story with a nice ending!

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© Ashley Pennington

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