She sells her wedding dress to save an abandoned, abused and dyed blue dog in Lebanon

A London family does its best to save and repatriate a dog from Lebanon. The unfortunate woman was mistreated, dyed blue and then abandoned without food. Will raising money and selling the wedding dress be enough to give her the life she deserves?

Mayssa Haidar-Baldwin40 years old, left the Lebanon in August 2020 to get married at UK. She then discovered on the Instagram page of an animal protection group the sad story of a dog named candy. The poor little girl has been abused. Her hair was dyed with blue hair dye, which caused severe burns to her skin. She was then left in the middle of the street, without water or food. “How can you do that to a dog and then leave it there?” Candy was found on the street and she had horrible burns on her skin”gets exasperated Mayssa.

A fight to treat her and expatriate her to the United Kingdom

“Hair dye causes irreparable damage to dogs’ immune systems. It can also cause allergic reactions, chemical burns, obvious skin diseases and cancers. His skin is infected and inflamed. She is extremely malnourished, anemic, and can barely walk.”Explain Mayssa to MyLondon. So she decided to take her whole family on board in her fight to save candy.

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Mayssa suggested to his relatives to forget the gifts and to favor help for candy. She also sold her wedding dress to raise funds. To date, the family has collected enough to treat the big wounds of candy. The little dog is doing better.
However, she is still without family at Lebanon. To collect the necessary sum of 1,750 euros to repatriate her, a GoFundMe campaign was launched. All family members hope that soon they can bring all their love to candy within their homes in UK.

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