She walks and reads a lost cat ad: she looks down and calls the emergency number – Unusual


She walks around and reads a lost cat ad

It was clearly a sign of fate!

Camila Castoldi was walking through her neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week when a poster caught her eye.

An announcement for a lost cat

It was an announcement that the cat Luis had disappeared in this neighborhood. Luis is a ginger and white cat and his owners were devastated by his disappearance.

Camila didn’t have to look very far though…

Underneath the missing cat poster was a cat that looked just like Luis!

His family comes running

Camila immediately dialed the number on the ad, telling them that their cat was just below the post where they had posted their information.

The family came running a few moments later and were able to recognize Luis.

Luis had been missing for four days before Camila contacted them. Somehow the cat had made it easy to find!

Fortunately, Luis is in very good health despite these 4 days of wandering and he is looked after by his family, delighted to find him at home!

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