Shiloh, who died at 12 of breast cancer, diagnosed after four months

Today, the parents want to file a complaint against the health establishments and the treating doctor who took care of Shiloh, without prescribing examinations. Starting with the Women’s Imaging Center in Franconville, in Val-d’Oise, where the family lives. The young girl is taken there after a report of pain in the left breast, which occurred in March 2021. While Diane requests a mammogram for her daughter, the health professionals answer her that breast cancer does not exist at this age. , or remains exceptional.

Mammography “not recommended”

“The mammary gland of young patients and, even more of children or adolescents, being very sensitive to radiation, mammography is therefore not recommended by learned societies before the age of 30”, also justifies the management of the center at “Parisien”. . An ultrasound done afterwards will not detect the cancer. Shiloh continues the exams but the condition of her breast is deteriorating and she is weakening. The teenager is sent to several hospitals or to dermatologists. In the emergency room, her mother is asked if it is not “the cat that scratched her”. His parents are even suspected of abuse.

Detection four months later

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