should my life insurance be taken into account?

Reversion: should my life insurance be taken into account?

I placed the money inherited on the death of my mother on a life insurance contract. Is it part of the resources to be declared on my application for a survivor’s pension? Magali F.

– The editorial staff answers you

If your husband was an employee, you are entitled to the reversion of his basic pension provided that your resources do not exceed €21,320 per year in 2021 (€34,112 if you lived again as a couple), the reversion of his supplementary not being means-tested.

To determine your entitlement, the basic pension fund takes into account your own assets. However, money received as part of an inheritance falls into this category (art. 1405 of the Civil Code). Your life insurance contract must therefore be declared in your application, and it will be retained up to 3% of its value. (With retirement insurance)

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