Since their meeting, this turtle and this pug have not left each other (video)

Have you ever seen a dog and a turtle form a unique friendship? This is the case of Milo and Zelda, 2 species that are against everything but love each other with a deep and sincere love. A story full of tenderness…


Milo that Pug live with Michelleher husband emptyand a cat by name Sookie. You won’t hear much about this feline in this story because it’s not with her Milo shares an extraordinary duo that made him famous on social networks…

The dog wants a surprise meeting

From which the family moved Nottinghamin Englandto go to town Dubaiwill she soon meet an unexpected guest in the garden of her new apartment.

The visitor in question was a small 9-year-old turtle that did not belong to anyone, according to veterinary examinations conducted that day. Subway then report it Michelle and her husband decided to adopt her and rename her Zeldareferring to the princess of the famous video game.

She had also started her own adventure to come to us and in my family we are video game fans. “tell Michelle to explain the choice of this name.

Zelda’s arrival has changed Milo’s daily life

Quickly and against all odds, an exceptional friendship was born between them Milo that Pug and Zelda The turtle. Both quickly sunbathed under the sky Dubaiand spent all their days together. The dog is happy to have found a best friend for life in her.

This precious bond continued after the family’s new move, back to United Kingdom after 4 years United Arab Emirates. Michelle and her husband also ensured that the move took place in the best possible conditions. ” We bought Zelda a vivarium equipped with a UVB lamp, to reproduce the Dubai heat that she loves “.

Milo and Zelda continue to live privileged moments both in their new house, and Michelle is happy to tell them on his side instagram, followed by more than 3000 followers. We are only at the beginning of their wonderful adventure…

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