Six months of food is offered at the Beauregard animal shelter in Saint-Éloi

In total, the Beauregard refuge must receive 10 pallets, corresponding to 3,200 kg of kibble for dogs. Born from a publicity stunt by the specialist dog food brand, the Agir pour l’adoption program allows thousands of animals to survive. “We have been doing this for eight years,” comments Pierre Berthou, head of Acting for Adoption in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Acting for Adoption is a program created by Pedigree.

La Croquette made it possible to make a nice donation to the refuge Beauregard

Every year, between October and December, almost 2 million meals are offered to almost 131 shelters in France. For one Pedigree product purchased, a meal is offered to businesses supported by the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The organization has strict specifications. Thus, as in Beauregard, the foundation’s partner housing meets strict organizational, managerial and ethical criteria (identification, vaccination, socialization of animals) and excludes any kind of killing of convenience. That is why Pedigree approached the association.

3,200 kg of feed delivered

“These donations represent six months of food for the animals for us,” says Didier Chamberland, the manager of the shelter. “Food is the second largest expense for this type of establishment after vet costs. Our goal is to meet the needs of the animals. Until then, shelters like the one in Beauregard are afloat thanks to volunteers and donations.

premium Work at the Beauregard refuge in Saint-Eloi for the well-being of staff, dogs and cats

Pierre Berthou adds: “The Covid crisis and the confinements have pushed many families to adopt dogs. When the restrictions were lifted, the number of animals left behind increased. “So we must educate as many people as possible, this is also the goal of Agir pour l’ adoption program. There are many shelters and they are full. »

Adopt rather than buy

“We have been a partner with 30 Millions d’amis for at least twelve years. They support us a lot. Donations to the association are mainly donated to almost 150 shelters, including ours. We also collect animals from the other side of France. They offered us a small truck and also support us with some veterinary costs,” describes Didier Chamberland. He and the regional manager of Agir pour l’adoption insist on the need to come and meet the animals present in the shelter and spend time with them.

Fabien Agrain-Vedille


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