SMA, Axa, MNH… which are the favorite companies of employees in insurance and assistance?

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The culture reputed to be protective of employees in the world of insurance is not usurped. Even in 2020, at the heart of the health crisis, most of the planned recruitments were maintained. And the trend remained favorable last year according to the experts. It should be noted that one in two recruitments of young people under 30 is carried out by the very formative route of work-study. As a result, our survey shows it: the degree of employee satisfaction is on the rise over one year. The top five insurers listed here are even in our overall top 50.

Our ranking of the favorite companies of insurance and assistance employees


Survey method

The eighth edition of this survey on the image of employers is no exception to the previous ones. It was carried out with Statista, a world specialist in the analysis of data on economic activity and consumption. Last fall, this institute launched an impressive online survey of 20,000 employees working in companies with more than 500 employees in France. Without their company being informed, the latter were able to answer these two questions completely independently: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend your employer to an acquaintance or a member of your family? » and “Based on everything you know about the following employers in your industry, would you recommend them to an acquaintance or family member?”.

Respondents had an indicative list of companies in their sector of activity but could name others. The final mark out of 10 calculated by the institute logically gives a higher weighting to the opinion of employees on their own company than on that of their competitors. Note that if a company does not appear, it is because its rating is too low or because, for lack of a sufficient number of opinions collected, the result is not representative.

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