Soon a new interface for Android Auto, the Google OS reserved for car dashboards

A new version of Android Auto has been leaked online. The new refreshed user interface is inspired by Apple’s modern CarPlay interface. As a reminder, aesthetically, Apple’s CarPlay was also inspired by the first version of Android Auto. The circle is complete.

On the Play Store, the new version of the application is numbered 7.3.1202.

Codename: “Coolwalk”

Android Auto hasn’t seen a major UI change since its 2019 redesign. But for the past few months, Google has reportedly been developing a new one, known as ‘Coolwalk’.

Screenshots of the new interface were first published by the AndroidWorld blog, which analyzed the APK file. Under development, “Coolwalk” allows users to interact with multiple applications at once. In other words, the user will be able to view several playback controls simultaneously and easily.

New option and new button

A new button will allow the user to return to home from all applications. Finally, the icons are rounder than in the old interface, called “Cakewalk”.

A new option for incoming calls offers the ability to reject a call while sending a Google Assistant-generated SMS message to the caller. This is a feature quite similar to that available on smartphones.

Finally, a user on Reddit found a new “Cast” function that simply allows the display of a connected smartphone. Concretely, the user will be able to display the screen of his smartphone on that of his car. A feature that will display an application on Coolwalk that is not yet compatible with Android Auto.

What disappears

According to AndroidWorld, the updated UI got rid of the top status bar completely. It showed the user the WiFi icon, network and battery level. From now on, everything seems to congregate in the new side panels located to the right of Google Assistant. Also, the side pane call button is excluded from the new interface.

“Coolwalk” still has many bugs. As AndroidWorld and 9to5Google note, this is still in the beta phase. Many features of the new interface still do not work.

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