Squeezie organizes the first Formula 4 Grand Prix between web personalities

He had promised he would. During the Z Event 2020, Squeezie assured that he would organize a Formula Renault competition between streamers if he reached 100,000 euros in donations. Two years later, the proposal that existed only on paper will come to life. This Thursday, the youtubeur announced that he would go to the Bugatti circuit south of the city of Le Mans to face around twenty content creators.

The Grand Prix Explorer is the name of the first car competition between videographers and influencers from YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. After several training sessions, the race will be offered live on Squeezie’s Twitch channel on Saturday, October 8, with commentary by Doigby and Kameto.

“This is a Formula 4 grand prix broadcast live on Twitch,” announced Lucas Hauchard this Thursday evening, explaining the logistics of this race. Clearly, the public will be able to watch free practice and qualifying in the morning, then the race and the prize-giving in the afternoon.

From competitors to millions of subscribers

Whoever just released his first comic will team up with Gotaga. Together, they will try to arrive at the top of the competition ahead of Depielo and Valouzz, Joyca and Théo Babac, Xari and Domingo, Amixem and Etienne Moustache, Djilsi and Manon from the Allons Rider chain, Le Bouseuh and Kaatsup, Sylvain and Pierre de the Vilebrequin chain, Seb la Frite and Maxence and, finally, Deujna and Dobby. An eleventh mystery team will also be announced in a few days.

And since Squeezie is serious about things and thinks big, the Grand Prix Explorer will be supervised by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, which has organized the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 1923, and motorsport professionals. In front of more than 50,000 viewers, Squeezie also showed the route of the 4.185 kilometer circuit and explained the different learning phases, namely physical preparation, driving sessions and passing the F4 license.

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