Startup raises $3 million to automate clauses

Henchman's team.  Source: Henchman website


Henchman’s team. Source: Henchman website

There are a plethora of startups specializing in drafting contracts. But few offer such a practical feature as Henchman.

This is probably why this legal technology firm managed to raise $2.9 million, after having already obtained $1.4 million in May 2021, reports Artificial Lawyer.

This Belgian startup allows lawyers to have clauses recommended while working in Microsoft Word. The firm provides an extension to the famous word processing software, which makes it possible to consult clauses already used by the firm, without having to open files.

Henchman provides the most commonly used clauses. The application allows a search by filters on the name of the client, the type of contract, the applicable law and the date. And the clauses can be compared with each other.

The fundraising should enable Henchman to develop the marketing of its product in Europe and the United Kingdom. Its application can be used in several languages. The firm is already present in practices in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

“Our goal is to allow lawyers to devote more time to high value-added tasks, which can distinguish them from their competitors, explains Gilles Mattelin, co-founder of Henchman, in a press release. Because Henchman requires no configuration and updates automatically, customers can immediately begin reassigning thousands or even millions of clauses based on relevant suggestions. There is immediate added value in terms of efficiency and speed. »


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