Stay-at-home parent pension insurance (AVPF)

If you have to take care of one or more children or a disabled relative who needs to stop or reduce their professional activity, you can claim old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents (AVPF). What are the award conditions? The amount ? How to apply?

Definition: what is AVPF?

Created in 1972 under the name of Assurance vieillesse des mères de famille (AVMF), the Old Age Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents guarantees continuity in the constitution of your pension rights if you are brought to cease or reduce your professional activity to take care of one or more children or a disabled or dependent person. This membership free makes it possible to acquire quarters of pension insurance under the general scheme. These contributions are added to your retirement account in order to allow you to validate quarters, used to calculate your old-age pension. Depending on your situation, you may thus benefit from an increase in the amount of your retirement pension.

What are the conditions to benefit from it?

The three conditions following must be completed:

  1. You must be in one of these situations:
  • benefit frombasic allowance
  • Benefit from the shared child-rearing benefit
  • Benefit from family complement
  • benefit fromdaily parental attendance allowance Where take care of a disabled person (a child under 20 or an adult in your family for whom the MDPH considers that your presence is necessary) with at least 80% permanent disability living at your home or benefiting from partial care in an establishment or a medico-social service
  • Caring for a loved one with a disability or a very significant loss of autonomy

2. You must have a reduced activity or be unemployed. Please note this condition does not apply if you are an isolated person.

3. Your resources in 2019 must not exceed a resource cap. This varies according to the number of dependent children you have and your family situation:

  • If you benefit from the basic allowance or the family supplement, the professional income of your couple, in 2019, must not exceed €4,958
  • If you receive the shared child-rearing benefit at the partial rate, your couple’s professional income in 2019 must not exceed €25,916

What is the amount of the AVPF?

The Social Security Code specifies that the contribution due under the AVPF is calculated on the basis of a fixed base equal, per month, to 169 times the minimum hourly wage for growth in force on July 1 of the year previous calendar. The monthly fixed base applicable in 2021 under the AVPF is set at €1,715.35

It all depends on your situation:

To benefit from the AVPF under the care of a disabled adult, upon receipt of the opinion of the Commission on Rights for the Autonomy of Disabled Persons having designated you as a carer, you can apply to your CAF or the MSA by completing the Cerfa form n°14104, accompanied by the requested documents.

To benefit from AVPF affiliation for another reason, you do not have to take any action. If you meet all the conditions, the Caf will automatically proceed with your affiliation. It will pay the old-age insurance contributions for your retirement.

The AVPF is not a family benefit and is therefore not paid to the beneficiary but to the old-age insurance (cnav).

Can this be combined with retirement?

The AVPF provides rights only for the calculation of the basic pension.

Sources: CAF and CNAV websites.

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