Steam is finally coming to Chromebooks… but not all

Long-awaited, Steam for ChromeOS is finally getting real. Google has indeed announced the launch of an alpha version for certain Chromebooks.

Steam is finally coming to Chromebooks…  but not all
The Steam video game store // Source: Steam

So far, players who use a Chromebook have not been able to use Steam on their machine (except complex manipulation) and therefore deprive themselves of a number of games. Even if Chromebooks are not machines specifically designed for gaming, it is always nice to be able to play some less demanding games on your laptop.

Things will soon change: Google announced during its Game Developers Conference 2022 opening keynote that Steam would soon be available in alpha testing on certain Chromebooks.

Steam in alpha on ChromeOS, it’s coming soon

The development of Steam for ChromeOS is a long story, codenamed “Borealis”. Chromebook users have been hoping and waiting for a long time to finally be able to install the Steam game store on their machine. We even thought that the application would arrive before the end of 2021.

Through its keynote “ Google for Games“So Google ended up letting go, without much announcement effect, that an alpha version of Steam had just been launched.

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A post on the Chromebook forum rather announces that it will soon be launched, without giving more information, in particular on the calendar as well as the machines concerned by the test. It is simply said that Google will “Soon to launch in the dev channel a first alpha-like version of Steam on Chrome OS, for a small number of Chromebooks”and that you will have to come back to the forum to learn more.

Our colleagues from 9to5Google However, they investigated the issue last month, and revealed that for the moment, the Chromebooks concerned were Asus and Acer models, including the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 and the Asus Chromebook CX9, which are two high-end Chromebooks.

Thereby, 9to5Google revealed that to be able to enter the test, Chromebooks must have at least 7 GB of RAM as well as an 11th generation Intel processor (an i5 or an i7). This therefore automatically eliminates a large part of the range…

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