stop this trivialized act of mistreatment of cats!

In recent weeks, a new challenge has appeared on TikTok: the cheese challenge.

The concept? Film yourself in the act swing a slice of cheese at your pet’s head to see his reaction.

Although it is also performed on dogs or even on children, cats are among the biggest victims.

The challenge is considered “fun” and “hilarious” by those promoting it, and Internet users are having fun with the cats’ reactions.

However, behind the countless videos of this absurd challenge hides one real animal suffering.

This behavior is violent and traumatic for the animal.

Having a trained eye is enough to realize this: the cat, who absolutely does not understand what has just happened, is paralyzed and petrified.

The flattened back ears visible on every TikTok are proof of this: the more flattened they are, the more scared or anxious the cat is.

In some videos, the cats, in total panic, fall backwards from the furniture they are standing on.

This kind of behavior generates in the animal a growing distrust of his human. He begins to fear of all strong gestures towards him.

Step by step, chronic stress sets inleaving it in constant fear of being victimized again of his man’s next fashion.

The fear can even generalize, the cat becomes so suspicious of people, whoever they are.

Unfortunately, the buzz of the cheese challenge is driven by views, likes and comments…

The only recourse we have to put an end to this challenge: report the videos and raise awareness among the largest number of internet users.

Mobilize against the absurdity of these viral videos that traumatize thousands of cats worldwide !

Sign this petition to make the cats’ distress heard.

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